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Ms Yvette Waddell
Chief Executive Officer

Ms Yvette Waddell
Chief Operating Officer

A/Prof Eric Papas
Executive Director of R&D and Director of Postgraduate Education

Ms Lynne Walsh
Financial Controller

Ms Stacey Key
Business and Project Coordinator

Ms Padmaja Rani
Financial Accountant

Program leaders

Dr Paul Erickson

Dr Percy Lazon de la Jara
Ocular Comfort

A/Prof Padmaja Sankaridurg
Myopia Control

Ms Amanda Davis
Models of Vision Care

Project committees

Project Committees within programs exist to allow for efficient information flow between all the Participants and make recommendations to the Executive Committee on specific project related issues. The Project Committees are comprised of representatives from key parties involved in the projects. These Committees are established as part of the Project Agreement process.

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