Thursday, July 24, 2014

Myopia Control

Myopia (short-sightedness) is reaching epidemic proportions, especially in Asia, due to urbanisation and increased screen and text-based activity.

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A novel replacement lens technology is being developed to provide a breakthrough solution for the more than one billion people with presbyopia and cataract...

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Ocular Comfort

One of the major factors preventing growth in the use of contact lenses and in the contact lens industry is ocular discomfort. Each year around 12%...

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Models of Vision Care

Improving ways of delivering vision care to Indigenous communities and developing the vision centre model as a blueprint for developing communities around ...    
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About Us

The Vision Cooperative Research Centre (Vision CRC)  is a collaboration of centreresearchers and industry partners from around the world, drawn together to deliver innovative solutions to common eye conditions such as myopia, presbyopia and hyperopia - problems that affect the vision of billions worldwide.

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Innovating with Asia 2014 Conference

In ‘The Asian Century’ Australia’s geographical proximity and stability places us in a unique position to take advantage of the growing influence of Asia globally. Find out more…

Blue Mountain Rain Forest

Rain Forest Blue Mountrains

Rain Forest Blue Mountrains



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